Combat Laser Tag

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Can laser tag beat paintball?

We all agree that paintball is a pretty cool game, so why even consider laser tag?

There are a couple of good reasons:

1. When  you play laser tag you see more action. Have you ever witnessed a game of paintball just stalling because players are reluctant to leave their hide outs? Not so with laser tag.

2. You also get into the action quicker, and you don't experience the irritating hold ups associated with paintball.

3. Laser tag is mush safer. Yes, of-course you can still fall and hurt yourself, but with laser tag no projectiles are fired, making it safe for your eyes, and when you get tagged, there is no pain or bruising! In fact, laser tag is safe for any age of player between five and a hundred and five years of age.

4. Did I mention no ammo purchases! The actual shots fired in a laser tag session of an hour can easily reach 1000 or more. Think about what it would cost you if you had to buy a 1000 paintball bullets per player!

Why use Combat Laser Tag?

Combat Laser Tag uses advanced gaming guns known as the Barracuda. The Barracuda unit consists of a Tippmann 98 Custom marker converted to a permanent infrared transmitter and receiver. The guns are compact, hassle free, durable and safe.

Players get real time hit feedback. Our system tracks ammunition, game time, lives and  kills. You know exactly when you have scored a hit or have been hit and there can be no cheating. You are also able to tell who you hit and who hits you.

Young players enjoy Combat Laser Tag's simplicity and older players love the realistic feel and the variety offered.

Games can be set up fast and easy by simply controlling all the action from the receivers on the laser units. There is also an option CCM which takes the game to a whole new level by allowing you to set your own parameters for a unique experience for your group.