Combat Laser Tag

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Keep learning 

Watch and learn from more experienced players. Remember you are never that good that you can’t learn something new.

Work as a team 

Put together a clan and train. Get to know each of your strengths and weakness and create strategies. This sounds easier then it is, it’s probably the hardest thing to do to create a truly effective team.


Where possible stay back from cover, it will give you a greater angle of sight and somewhere to go if you need to move. Also, if you are behind cover it is good practice to adjust the height at which you come out. It will help if you are pinned and may give you a chance to get the shot on them first.


Like anything the more you train the better you will get. Train speed, endurance, flexibility, fitness etc. Also train strategy, navigating, communication and scouting.

Have a plan 

Have a game plan and execute it. If the situation changes, adapt the plan or change it all together. Don't be undesided on what the plan is, and what each player has to do. Keep it simple.


Convey important information by usesing hand signs. In the heat of the fihgt you sometimes have to shout to your team members to convey important info like the position of the enemy, and how mush ammo you have left.

Stay alert 

Keep your gun up. It may only take a second to bring your weapon up and to fire, but that second is all that's needed to send you walking off back to base. Be aware of your surroundings. Listen for twiggs breaking, careless footsteps, a cough, wispering ect. Sometimes a protruding muzzle or a shadow can reveal the pressens of an opponent.

Use the battlefield to your advantage 

Use cover to conceal your movement. Trap your opponents behind clearances. If you have a choice, play upwind, uphill and with the sun behind you.

The element of surprise 

Try to gain ground undetected for as far as possible. To keep the element of surprise on your side, you have to move quietly making full use of the available cover. Sometimes it is better to take a longer route if it provides better cover. Stay in the shade where possible. If your cover (vegetation) is poor you will have to keep low, and be patient, moving a few centimeters at a time, if you have enough game time on hand.

If your objective is to eliminate opponents, try to flank them first, then take them out by firing one or two akkurate shots on each, before they have time to return the fire or move into cover.

Tactical movement 

When discovered by your opponent's, move in short bursts from cover to cover. Have your buddies provide cover by firing at the enemy and pinning them down before you move. Once you have gained some ground and reached your new position, it's your turn to provide fire cover.

Adapt or die 

If you are taking fire, try to ID the source ASAP. If you find yourself outnumbered, you might want to stand your ground and wait for backup. If totally outnumbered it's wise to retreat, unless you have to hold back the enemy at all costs.

Always remember the objective of the mission 

It is the objective that matters. Don’t get caught up in battles that do not contribute to the objective and that might even cost your team the game. Always work out the most efficient way to reach the objective in the shortest time, or with the least amount of resources or risks.